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Fantastic & professional doc & staff!!! They really check to see what YOUR body needs and treat you accordingly. HRT has been so good for my whole being under Dr. Bob's treatment!!!! My moods are on an even keel, my skin is great, my libido is amazing and general well-being is far superior to what it was before Vita Life HRT!!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  -Patty S.

Dr. Bob Dr. Motazedi provides excellent patient care and excellent customer service to his patients! Dr. Bob has helped me tremendously and has changed the quality of my life. I have more energy, I sleep better, and I feel like my “old self” again. I cannot thank Dr. Bob enough for his caring, friendly, and superb care. I highly recommend his clinic!!!” –Vikki B.

“I have been going to the Vital Life Hormone Replacement Clinic for quite some time now for hormone replacement, to have the veins around my nose treated, and to have a dark spot on my face removed with laser treatment. The dark spot is gone, the veins are just about gone, and the testosterone has made me feel so much better, just like the doctor promised. Dr. Motazedi is very knowledgeable and very easy to talk to. His office staff is wonderful. I would recommend him for any type of laser or hormone therapy.” -Heidi S.

I have been receiving hormone treatment they are the best! - Virginia L.

Started a treatment plan 3 weeks ago and 100% better. The only thing I am bummed I did not find this place 4 years ago. LIFE changing - Heather M.

I love the staff and Dr. Bob. The hormone replacement therapy gives me more energy and better overall health. They provide many services for skin care and laser treatments. I highly recommend them TC - Terri C.

Awesome staff and awesome Doctor! Couldn't ask for more from all of the great folks! In my opinion, this is the absolute best-qualified facility for living the best and most beautiful life you would like. I completely recommend Dr. Bob and his staff to anyone wanting to improve their quality of life! - Ron L.

Dr. Bob and his fabulous staff have taken great care of me and my wife for over 8 years. He’s compassionate and really knows his patients. I’ve recommended Vital Life to family and friends. What he does really makes a difference. You don’t know what you’ve lost till you get it back. - Thomas M.l

Since seeing Dr. Bob, and being evaluated by him, and subsequently being put on the correct hormone treatment, I can't believe how much better I feel in just a short amount of time. My energy levels have increased almost 100% ( seems that way)!, and my libido has increased, which has pleased my husband as well! I can't believe how I had sought treatment from doctors for years, but to no avail, until I started with Dr. Bob. I have even been able to shed those extra pounds that would not leave, no matter how hard I tried with diet and exercise. I'm 66 years old and am feeling much younger! - Vicki J.

I absolutely love Dr. Bob , He is the best hormone therapy doctor, very quick and painless.. It took me 6 months to find a new doctor in Las Vegas.. I almost thought about flying back to Colorado for my pellets but that would have gotten expensive.. That was one of the downfalls of moving, finding new doctors!! I highly recommend it!! - Julie E.

I have been receiving HRT from Dr Bob for 4 years and am happy with the results. My nearly 70 year old body feels and acts younger and stronger. The doctor and staff are always friendly, professional and caring. They are highly recommended. - Terry T.

Vital Life is top notch....extremely pleased with the entire staff, to include Dr. Bob, the medical staff, and Barbara. Truly enjoy my visits to their office. They are friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. My wife and I wouldn't go anywhere else! I feel like I'm 20! Nothing more to say! - Frank M.

I have been a patient with Dr Bob for 6 years. Dr. Bob and his staff are warm and inviting. Vital Life has been a game-changer for me. I am 68...but feel much much younger. My health, weight and overall stats continue to improve. My wish is that more women become aware that they to can turn back time and be in charge of their aging process. Thank you Vital Life and Dr Bob for making this possible! - Victoria F.

I am a female who has been receiving testosterone pellets from Dr. Bob for approximately 2 years. I am very satisfied with how my treatment has been managed and monitored. This treatment has improved my overall well-being to the point where I have continuously experienced the following: My energy reminds me of when I was in my 40's; my brain is quick and sharp and my confidence level is high; my libido is happy. my moods are even and do not dip down like they had done for a few years prior to starting the pellets. I am 77 years old, work overnight 40 hrs a week, am a crisis counselor for seven prisons and oversee over five thousand men on my own. I know that the testosterone treatment has improved the quality of my life and allowed me to continue doing what I love with clarity, accuracy, and enthusiasm. I am glad that Dr. Bob is my most qualified provider. I highly recommend Vital Life. - Tam

Dr. Bob is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and comprehensive. He offers services to keep you youthful inside and out! I have my hormone replacement pellets implanted by Dr Bob and his technique is virtually painless, which has not been my experience elsewhere. His prices are extremely reasonable as well, I highly recommend Vital Life. - Micki B.

They are friendly, organized and efficient. My hormone treatment works wonders. We have the same results with my wife's treatment. We're happy with the results. I also see great improvement with the medical treatment my sister is getting. Thanks Dr. Bob and staff! - Rodney K.

I love Vital Life! the staff and Dr. Bob are very helpful in so many ways! I am grateful for the HRT i receive! changed my life and my energy!! thanks Vital Life!! - Robin D.

My experiences with Dr BOB and the crew are very polite and professional with a personal touch. I am a Nurse manager and have recommended many individuals to consult with the Vital life Team. I am very satisfied with my services and will continue to patronize Dr Bob and Vital life team.  - Rhonda J.

I love Dr. Bob and the staff. They are the best🙂- Shelley B.

Dr Bob, his wife Victoria, staff Melissa, and Barb are all great, kind, helpful. I felt comfortable going there the first time on the recommendation of a friend. I feel so much better since starting the treatments. - LaVonne T.

Dr. Bob has been treating me since 2000. I have been on hormone replacement for at 5 years or more with him. i went off it for a while, and felt the difference. I sleep better, have more energy, more muscle, and more fun! - Terri N.

Great place to go to become the best you. Dr. Bob is so knowledgeable & is the best at helping you with your anti-aging needs. I highly recommend him. He is kind, intelligent & listens to what you want. You won’t regret it. - Ginny M.

My only gripe is that Dr Robert Motazedi didn't move to Arizona when I did haha. If I had the funds to allow me to travel to see him for further treatments I would, like many of his patients do. I had a few moles removed in embarrassing locations and I can't believe how well he did with that, zero signs anything was ever there! Then on to my TRT...life changer!!! He knew in 2-3 weeks after my treatment I'd feel like a brand new man and guess what, he was right! This place is fantastic and you won't be disappointed! - Zoiks

Very knowledgeable doctor. Takes comprehensive and scientific approach to measuring medical fitness and utilizes hormone implants and combination of vitamins, supplements, and prescription medication to optimize health. As a result of this treatment I have more energy, think more clearly and sleep better. - Jack S.

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