Reduction in Body Fat
Increase in Muscle Mass​
​Weight Loss
​Reversal of osteoporosis       
Helps with sleep problems
​Eliminates hot flashes
Night sweats Reduction in pain/arthritis
​Reduces in pain medications
Enhances sexual desire
Reduction in the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia Increasing mental clarity
Increases attention span
​Reduces and may eliminate depression
​Evens out mood
Reduces and elimnates anxiety
​ Reducing the risk of some cancers​
​ Reduces the risk of heart disease
​Reduces the risk and may reverse diabetes
​​ Lowers LDL Cholesterol and increases HDL
Helps with dry skin and thinning hair
​ Helps with overall sense of well-being ​                 ​ 
​and many others    

Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy

The benefits of bio-identical hormone replacement are numerous with more being added every year as scientific research in to this exciting field expands. The following benefits is an incomplete list of the positive effects associated with bio-identical hormone injections, topicals and pellet implants only. Oral testosterone and estrogen including tablets and trocars should never be taken due to their propensity to cause blood clots, liver failure, cirrhosis of the liver, and many other life threatening problems.

The benefits include:  

"Grow old along

with me!  

The best is yet to be."

-Robert Browning

"Everyday is passed as if it were to be our last."

-Pubilius Syrius

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